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How to de-stress in Gw2

Guild wars 2 like many MMO's can get quite stressful for a number of reasons. so I'm going to try and help you de-stress and have a more relaxed time playing the game.

that is if you are stressed while playing it at all, if your not then great! this guide is practically useless to you since your already probably enjoying the game in your own way. you can stop reading now and you won't miss out on a thing.

if you are stressed though keep reading and i may just be able to help you out.

Ok so lets start off with my first tip. Tip #1, wasting boosters is not the end of the world.

so you have just logged back in and you get some mail telling you its your characters first birthday. has it really been that long? anyway you open the present the game has sent you and double click the celebration boosters by mistake. well crap. now you have to rush along and use it as fast as possible so you don't waste it. I mean that's your only option right?

well not really. Its not your only option. first off if you just log off or exit to the desktop you will save your activated booster as boosters freeze in time when your not using them.

Secondly, its just a celebration booster. no big deal. Sure it gives double the XP but you can just make up for that with food. the cooking profession gives you an endless source of XP boosters in the form of food just by leveling it up.

Just by having it your bags will soon be as overloaded with food as my inventory is in the picture bellow.

and thirdly you shouldn't even worry about the 10% boost to PVP it gives. and do you even like PVP? if you don't then just forget about the PVP boost its not going to do anything for you.

Now for the next tip. Tip #2. limited items on the gem store will nearly always come back. its not so bad if you miss out on a cosmetic item you really wanted or a discounted Character slot as it most likely will come back some day.

and besides, you can use the money you earned to buy something else.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Ok. now for a topic about PVP and WVW (world versus world.) WVW and PVP can be more stressful than the main game because of one main reason. other players.

Tip #3 throughout my years in different games including GW2 I have come across my fair share of ragers trolls and downright stupid people. actually I've came across a small amount considering how many players populate these games tend to have.

The important thing is finding a way to deal with them. keep in mind though that this is not a must do. sometimes someone will just find the perfect way to get under your skin. in those cases its fine to be emotional as well sometimes.

and in those cases were you do come across trolls or ragers, just try and ignore them. or if for instance if your team is loosing so badly that you can't change the outcome then why not have a bit of fun?

compliment them for there every insult, copy and paste whatever comes out of your phones auto correct or mash the keyboard to see what comes up and press enter.

its not like you are required to answer them properly. besides, what are the chances you will even see this person again?

Tip #4 As for WVW, if your feeling stuck and can't get anything done due to a high amount of enemy players then switch maps. WVW has 3 maps to choose from and your free to change between them at will.

and if they are all filled to the brim with enemy players then why not stop for now and come back later? or just sit in the base for a while and read the map chat, it can be quite entertaining sometimes to watch your side argue over what server is better or other nonsense.

and if you struggle to win any fights even when they are 1v1 then why not try to group up with a few people or guild members?
no one says you have to beat everything solo.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Lastly here are just some general tips on relaxing. Tip #6 there are a few Genres of music I find generally relaxing to listen to. first of if you like the sound of a saxaphone then try some blues. next if you enjoy Sc-fi settings try Space ambient.

and if you love the sounds of guitars have a go at country rock.

that's not to say that some more fast paced music may work. I know quite a few people who find dub-step very relaxing.

#7 vista viewing sight seeing and taking photo's. while a lot of the game includes doing tasks throughout the area your in, sometimes its nice to just view some of the environments the games creators have made.

also when taking photo's (AKA screenshots) your default key to take them is "print screen."
And if you want to hide everything like your action bar and health just press shift+control+H. And if for some reason print screen doesn't work F6 also functions as a screenshot key.

By the way taking the screenshots this way is what Bananatic needs for you to complete your quests if you have any in GW2.

Above is a screenshot showing you how Nice GW2 can look with no HUD. (heads up display)

#8. Marvel at just how stupid the A.I can get. The A.I (stands for artificial intelligence. think the program that makes that quest target walk instead of run or the one that starts up your PC) in GW2 can get incredibly stupid sometimes.

I once seen an Lab overseer run face first into a pool of lava. Just watching the guards of towns and such can be pretty fun as well. it makes no sense how they even keep their jobs with how bad they fight.

#9 Get stuff to fight each-other. did you know that the enemies in GW2 will react if you can get them to hit each-other? just get something with a huge overhead attack like and ettin to whack a wolf and watch the fight. then swoop in when both sides are weak and loot everything.

And lastly #10 quit the game for a little while. because sometimes you just need a break. Everyone does.
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