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Online Strategy Game Ikariam Review

Ikaram is a MMO game that you can play in your browser. It is mainly strategy based. You can also play it from apple and android phones. You begin with having and island and you power it up and build things to expand and improve your town. The game can be compared to Clash of Clans and other games like it. It is a free to play game that has been out since 2008. You start off with only one town and once you build up enough of everything (getting resources etc.) You can take over other towns and eventually take over the whole island. The game is not very unique and the game play get's repetitive. It is a very chill game that's easy for beginners to get into. This isn't going to have lots of things to do but if you need a game to kill a little time this may be a good one. Just like games like it, it does include things that take real time to get/achieve to watch out for that.
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One thing Ikariam does have going for it is the graphics. As you can see from the picture above, the game is very bright and has pretty good graphics for the type of game it is. Visuals can really make or break this kind of game and the way it is made adds a lot to it. The game is also very beginner friendly as I have mentioned before. Sometimes it is hard to get into games like these because you're constantly confused or have people who are higher level will come and ruin what you've made. This game is good at making sure you get a fair start and can get going without a hitch. There is also PvP of sorts in this game which can be more entertaining that just watching things get built. The way you build and collect is different from a lot of games that are similar to it which does give it a unique feel.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Although Ikariam has a good amount going for it, there are a good amount of flaws. One of the biggest ones in my opinion is that the game isn't unique and there are so many others like it out there. Games like these have been very popular in the last couple years and it's hard to be unique with them anymore. It also is a very slow-paced game which I personally don't enjoy. It takes real time to do things. If games like these that you have to come back and check are your thing it isn't a bad but personally they aren't my favorite things. While these are flaws if you like these kind of games they are easy to get over and just because I don't enjoy them doesn't mean you can't. If anything I would try the game out, just to get the feel of it and play it if you enjoy it. There are many things that make the game a good game.
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Author RimmyTim
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