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League of Legends
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Guide in League of Legends

League of Legends is a multiplayer online game made by Riot Games. In this game, you play as a champion (get to pick at the start of every round). Each champion has different abilities which is used to help destroy your enemy. During the match, you buy certain items in the spawn to upgrade your attack damage or your ability power (makes your abilities stronger.). Your job is to protect your Nexus from the enemy team. Each team has a Nexus. However, to get to the Nexus, you must destroy the turrets in the process. Each turret has a different amount of health. You also have minions to help destroy the turrets. Minions respawn quite frequently and come out from the Nexus. You can destroy these minions and gain quite a lot of money to buy things in the shop. Items cost around 25 cents to about 4,000 cents. There is also a jungle where you kill jungle monsters to gain money.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Attack Damage also known as AD is what causes your champion to do more attack with each hit. Buying items with a lot of attack damage will increase the amount of damage you hit the enemy per basic attack. With attack damage, there is also life steal. If you have life steal, your attacks will actually gain health per hit. There is also attack speed. Buying attack speed items will make your champion attack a lot faster. More attack damage, more lifesteal, and more attack speed will help conquer your enemies on the map. Ability power, also known as AP, on the other hand will give your character more attack when using your abilities. For example, when you buy Ability Power, your champion will do more damage when using your four ability moves. This is also pretty powerful when you have a lot of it.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Everytime you use an ability, it uses something called Mana. Without Mana, you can not use your abilities. You can purchase items to upgrade the amount of Mana you can hold. Your abilities are controlled using the keyboard keys Q,W,E and R. R is your ultimate ability. A champions R does a lot of damage and can sometimes even one shot somebody. At spawn ( keyboard button b) you can not only buy items but you can also regain health and Mana.
On the map, there are bushes and this is where your team can hide to ambush people. Working as a team in this game is the best thing to do since cooperation will help lead your team to victory. Different items can help reveal what's inside these bushes (wards will show who's inside the bush). Some monsters in the jungle will give you special perks like boosting your teams attack and defense. Others will grant you speed so you can move around faster.
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