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League of Legends
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League of Legends - The Holy Grail of MOBAs

I've started playing League of Legends EXACTLY 1 year ago and this is my first MOBA game ever.
Usually, I play MMORPGs like Maplestory or Warframe but since my classmate recommended to me this game, I've decided not to be stubborn and try a MOBA for once.
This was a good decision.
I tried DOTA 2 like 3 years ago and I couldn't pass the tutorial, although I kept trying. I remember how playing League of Legends for the first time with real online players was frustrating, I played top Teemo and I died again and again.
But I didn't give up, I searched guides all over the internet on how to play Leauge of Legends and here I am: a proud silver 5 with 0 LP.
I was actually too scared to continue my ranked season because I was afraid I will enter Bronze - the elo hell of League of Legends, so I decided that for this season, I'll stay in silver.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The game might not be beginner friendly but after you understand the basic mechanics of the game you are going to have fun, although it might be pretty frustrating dying all over again.
I have to admit, the world building is amazing, every champion is detailed, even the world itself is built so well that every "champion" aka playable character connects to his own world/region.
Take for example a champion called Yasuo. Yasuo is the samurai guy of League of Legends, he was framed for killing his leader in a land called Ionia and he started wandering to find the real killer - spoiler - it was Riven, a Noxian warrior from another land. He has a tragic story, he trained a girl called Taliyah - a stone bender from Shurima - an ancient land in the desert. In the game, he is a samurai who can control the wind, his attacks are based on swiftness and damage stats.
In the community, the players who play him are usually toxic players that (probably) just started playing, as long as you ignore them you will have way more fun, that's the way to enjoy matches with toxic players.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
In conclusion, this game is tough. It's very complicated but as long as you read guides and learn from your mistakes, you'll have fun.
I had so much fun learning about the game, about the story and culture, about the development and world building and especially about the developers themselves.
You should try this game, it's fun, it's engaging, and don't forget the most important thing - It's FREE TO PLAY.
This game is not a Pay to Win type of game, it's a game that's made for fun unless you want to buy skins, the developers have to earn some money somehow.
Here's an advice from me: PLAY WITH A FRIEND! If you will play with a friend you will have way more fun and you will enjoy more together, you can incorporate easily with each other and you will probably laugh at each other's mistakes.
Don't forget to have fun and good luck!
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Author Nanachi
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