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How to Minecraft Singleplayer!

When you first get minecraft you see there's Tab's Singleplayer Multiplayer Realm's if you would like to when you first get in Minecraft go to survival and learn the basic's first when you get in go find tree's then once you get wood put in in the crafting inventory and shift click the wood plank's then you make a crafting table 2 by 2 in the crafting inventory then you make stick's by 2 up then you can use your sticks and wood plank's then put 2 stick's up then 3 wood planks across the top then that would make you a Pickaxe then go find Pig's Cow's or other food sources and kill them then dig down to stone and mine 8 stone to make a furnace (When you Mine Stone it drop's Cobblestone) put 3 cobblestone in each side of the crafting table then you will get yourself a furnace then find coal (Coal has little Black bits in it) then put it in your furnace at the bottom slot and put food in top
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Now you Figured out the basic's of Singleplayer you now are ready for multiplayer there are many minecraft server's in the community of Minecraft The most Famous one's are Hypixel Mineplex Cubecraft and many other server's there are many Different Gamemodes in Minecraft There's faction's Faction's is like you do /f create (Name) then you can invite player's to your faction to gain power and rule the server (SkyBlock) in skyblock you can do /is and you need to get material's by making a Cobble Gen some server's have custom gen's to gen ore's (Minigames) There are many different minigame's in minecraft there's tnt run skywar's Money War's and many other more gamemode's that i'm sure you will enjoy So you have to love Mojang for this awesome game
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Also there are many good build's in minecraft you can build anything minecraft is all about building but let's go to modded minecraft there are many different mod's that make minecraft really fun there are mods that have like better gear pet's and Mobzilla you can download mod's from trusted website's but if you would like free mod's get the Technic Launcher you can download mod's with out any viruses or real download's you download it within the launcher You have to get the Sureal Pack in technic launcher it's so fun there's many different Mob's like The King and tamable pet's and different dimensions that you can find better item's and get better in the world of Mod's you can get different block's that can help you build like Titanium that help's you make ultimate gear and other weapons and gear like big bertha
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