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Rocket League (B2P)
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Rocket League (Review)

Rocket League is a game with a very unique concept. Soccer, but with cars. At first, I thought, "this game seems like it would get boring really quick." But after I bought it, I had many hours of fun with the seemingly endless variety of customizations for the cars, the sleek visuals, and the non-stop action and thrill of a soccer game. I found that, even with bots, the game was fun and enjoyable. It seemed to have the right balance of repetitiveness and new unlocks. I think my third favorite thing about the game was the style of the graphics. They were a unique combination of realistic and cartoony. The explosions that force everyone back when a goal is made is particularly fun. They just make it that much more exciting when you score a goal. I also thought it was pretty refreshing when they added the basketball and hockey modes.
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One of the features that made this game fun was the customization. How it works is that after every game, you get different customization options for your car. These customization options include toppers, bodies, wheels, boosts (color and shape), antennas, decals, trails, and paints. My car, personally, has a sombrero as its topper, a star as its antenna, and a flame decal on the front. I didn't have many rare items at the time but I absolutely loved the feeling of when you get a very rare item from a crate. The different rarities of the items (common, uncommon, rare, very rare, import, exotic) also helps tell how good a player is online and just to marvel at how cool their car is. What I find funny though is when you can obviously tell that a good player is just letting their friend, that has never played rocket league, play under their profile.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
My absolute favorite feature of Rocket League has to be the local multiplayer though. The local multiplayer mode to this game was what really enticed me because I love having friends over and playing video games. It was very fluid and sleek. I also liked being able to communicate with my friends without a headset. The online multiplayer mode was also very fun but it was a little bit repetitive. I will try to mix it up sometimes and play hockey or basketball mode, but their normally aren't that many people on those servers so I have to resort to playing with the people I have friended. This game was an absolute blast to play for the most part though. Overall, I would give this game five stars in the area of uniqueness, four stars in the area of repetitiveness, and five stars in the area of creativity.
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Author GeckoGuy
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