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Team Fortress 2
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Mission Begins in 10 Seconds.

Team Fortress 2, by far has been very entertaining for me. Having spent about 216 hours overall on the game itself, I have had fun destroying Sentries and sniping players from far away. Even making my first purchase (Thanks to Bananatic, after winning $5 in a lottery for Steam), and now having new things to play with. This game is intense, and when you have Steam Friends, it's fun, and more interesting/addictive. Night, Morning, it's very time-killing, and I never cease to smile whenever I get a double kill with the Machina (Sniper).
If you want to play with me, feel free to friend me, whenever you get the chance. I will add my profile name at the bottom of this article, it you desire to keep reading. But for now, I guess it's my retelling of how, difficult, but user-friendly, this game is.
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Get your mouse and get your keyboard, because you're in a wild ride through my story. Right now, as I am writing this article for you all, there is an event update going on, the Jungle Inferno Update. Most of the Major Update includes changes to the Pyro, which include new items for ALL users to enjoy (By winning them through the campaign missions) . I got myself the Dragon's Fury, the Thermal Thruster, and the Gas Passer. In my opinion, I found the Dragon's Fury Campaign the hardest. Try aiming at a player, while he's strafing, and you have to shoot balls of fire every second, with short range, while others are using them. Glad I finished that. Other changes that have happened (that I like) is the fact that now, there are new maps to enjoy. Banana Bay (Payload Race, 1 rotation) is one I enjoy, but I love Lazarus (King of the Hill) , the most.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
As any other game, there are always obstacles. Mine is time. My daily life interferes with my game time, so it's hard to get a few kills and what not. But I keep improving each time, getting more items as I go. Some days I play well, other times I play bad, and sometimes I don't play at all. It all depends on the settings, and I'm sure it's the same for all of you fellow players. Anyway, I think I should be wrapping things up. Team Fortress 2 is really amazing, I recommend that you play it, or look it up on your freetime, but it's your guys's choices, not mine. As I mentioned before, if you wanted to play with me, my gamertag is yeehaa_15. Friend me, and trade with me if you'd like. I'd love to play amongst you all, and well, it should be interesting. This is lolbananaz15 aka yeehaa_15 signing off,
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