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Team Fortress 2
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My thoughts on Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2: You usually either love it or you hate it. With that, I launch my rant on the positives and negatives about this game. If you live under a rock and do not know what TF2 is, it is a "Free To Play" game, available on Steam and other platforms. In this game, there are roughly Nine roles, all of which are unique in their own right, be it origin story or the overall feel when you play as them.
Overall, I generally only play when with friends, just because that is the kind of game it is. While many would argue that it is one of the better F2P games out there on the market, I feel that, within the occasionally toxic community, the numerous hackers and No-Lifers who spend money on the game, and the overall moderate gameplay quality, in my opinion TF2 is one of those games that really should be spent with friends, and not on your own.
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Pros: Although TF2 is in no way a perfect games, like everything it has it's ups and downs. A few of them to me have got to be the Mann Vs. Machine Mode, which if you are someone that isn't looking just for PVP then this is where you should go. It pits a team of players against waves of AI enemys, in a wave style survival mode. This mode is my personal favorite, although it does tend to get old when I just get teams of squeakers or people that do not know what they are doing or how to work as a team.
Another perk in my opinion is the customization. Seeing as the first time I played TF2 were before the days of these modern day Call of Duty games with their levels of customization, I was at one point truly impressed. Unlike games like Black Ops 2, where it is the same Hollywood Soldier, you really are goofy in this game.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Cons: With every game there is a drawback, such is life, but in some ways TF2 has a standard that is just too low. There are a massive amount of ways that just truly hurt this game. One of which is microtransactions. Although that system on its own can help some people earn money (you can sell in game content on the little market) it seems that nobody ever wants to buy what I want to have and the prices for somethings are just outrageous, and either you have to randomly earn the stuff, or you can use the cheat code that is your credit card to buy it from somebody else. Another thing is that very few things in game can freely be traded. It seems like whenever I have something I want to trade, Valve just magically makes it non-tradeable when I go to trade said item. A last little thing, which sadly is too often anymore, is the lack of any real cohesive storyline, outside of comic books and lore.
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