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Team Fortress 2
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Team Fortress 2: Classic Team Based Combat

Team fortress 2 is a online multi class shooter that helped revolutionized how we view 1st person shooters, most first person shooters before this were just casual gamemodes where you focused on yourself rather than your team. Team Fortress 2 can be fun without worrying about your teammates in fun gamemodes, but if you want to be competitive, you have to look at what class counters what and how to deal with situations. This game is a parallel of the game series Counter Strike, in which instead of being semi-realistic with harsh themes, it is whacky, gorey and each class has a sense of personality. Ever since this hit the market, people have been trying to replicate it ever since. As of right now, it still has a huge fanbase of loyal fans and is still being constantly developed. The classes goes as follows, the Scout, which is weak but fast and hit hard, the Soldier which is slower but has a rocket launcher and has great mobility with it, the Pyro which sets people on fire, the Demo which is defensive base but is extremely powerful in some gamemodes. Engineer builds sentries, teleporters and dispensers for the team to help defend and support others, and the heavy is the tank, he can deal tons of damage and is really strong, but is the slowest class. The Medic is the usually the most underrated class in which helps the team by quickly healing them so they don't have to look for health packs, Sniper in which, you guessed it, snipes. Spy is the most unique in which it can go invisible, flank, and disguise as enemies.
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It can be also a place where you can meet tons of friends, and since it is on Steam, a platform made by a team at Valve, that other companies and place their games on so people don't longer need to head to the videogame store to purchase their favorite company's hyped game. Team Fortress 2 also is free to play but has a optional paying format that won't change gameplay, which are cosmetic items. Ever since people have been trying to replicate it to get their fans to get excited over it, through things like reskins of the same weapons they use, or hats on their characters. Some people like Blizzard that created Overwatch, have made complete reskins of characters and revolutionized an already genius idea for players to customize and fit their likeness to. To be fair, there are some aspects that valve isn't totally responsible for, such as;
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
People of the community have made fun little gamemodes by using the engine that valve released, and through coding there are whacky gamemodes such as this. This is called prophunt, in which a team of pyros will search for a team of scouts that are disguised as props on the map, and you have to try to survive the timelimit without getting caught. The object is not to outrun them, but try to blend into your enviroment as best as you can. the downside of being the seeker, ontop of being clever and thinking like someone that is hiding, is that whenever you use your weapons to see if a prop is a person, it hurts you, in which you need to either A. being very disciplined B. find a medpack or C. kill a hider and regain your hp from doing so. There are so many other gamemodes that people will enjoy on this, such as a fan-made mode of Smash Bros called "Super Smash Fortress". To sum it all up, TF2 is worthy of a 10/10 for being still fun after 10 years of release.
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