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World of Warships
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#2 French Cruisers Emile Bertin

Welcome Yet again to another World of Warships guide.This time i thought lets look at Cruisers in this game and what better ones that are also noob friendly than the French cruisers. Now what is it about the french cruisers that makes then noob friendly? Well firstly lets begin with the guns especially on the lower tier french cruisers. The guns on these ships are something to brag about due to their rather fast reload and high damage potential per hit you can citadel other light cruisers with HE (High explosives) yes it is rare but it sure does happen Due to the paper like armour of lower tier cruisers. This is also due to the trajectory of the shells at long range which results in plunging fire onto the enemy ships citadel. What else is good about these cruisers? The speed, the torpedoes are not half bad and tier IV upwards they gain Hydro acoustic search meaning those pesky destroyers will have a harder time hitting your ship with torpedoes as you will be able to see them a lot sooner. This sounds great an all but. The armour on these cruisers is very bad and the citadel can be easily hit and penetrated resulting in your ship being one shotted by enemy battle ships not to mention without a higher skilled captain your french cruiser will not have much hit points to play around with. So why play these french cruisers? Well due to their small profile and great manoeuvrability you are able to dodge even the most accurate ships and at the same time fire back with excellent guns which are very very accurate. The guns take some time to get used to i would say 3 to 4 battles per ship as the guns take longer to reach the target and this feature is present all the way to tier X
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For this guide i will be using the tier V French cruiser the Emile Bertin as an example mainly because it gives you a taste of what to expect of the later tiers as the game play only changes slightly. As you can see in the photo above the Emile Bertin has very good Manoeuvrability furthermore with some flags mounted the maximum speed of the ship can go up to 41 knots which is faster than even some destroyers at that tier. Also due to the fire power being concentrated to the front with 2 turrets at the front and 1 at the back you are able to sustain a high damage output of your guns sailing towards your enemy as the turret traverse is very quick which is a common trait on cruisers, this also allows you to zig zag and fire all your guns whilst dodging enemy fire. Another excellent feature of the high gun arc of the guns is the fact you can loop shells over islands and remain hidden whilst successfully hitting the enemy ships. This tactic can discourage possible advances on your position as the enemy is not aware of what is firing upon them/Lurking in the water. Cruiser Players should be the front line ships who support their Battleship allies as they should be tanking all of the damage for you and you in a cruiser should dump shell after shell into the enemies.
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Now above is a screenshot of a rather amusing game i had in the Emil Bertin it was a tier 7 game in which i ended up taking a whole flank by my self as you can see on the mini map scoring me a first blood with torpedoes and then murdering that enemy Fiji with AP rounds into its citadel. You should really avoid using HE when you can as fire damage can be 100% repaired by repair modules where as it is nice to set fires on Battleships and should be done if they angle if you get a flush Broadside like i did with that Fiji select AP and sink them. Also dont under estimate your selves as Cruisers against higher tier opponents as Cruiser guns are very good not only having good accuracy traits but also fast reloads. To say the least every nation has different kinds of Cruisers who all offer different game play some cruisers have slower firing guns with more damage thus act as heavy cruisers and some have rapid firing guns with little to no armour who deal a constant spam off damage i like to choose between the two thus i enjoy playing the French cruisers. Lastly i must not forget Cruisers are for players that think and evaluate the battle your aims should be to kill destroyers and other cruisers and to annoy enemy Battleships by firing torpedoes and setting them on fire constantly.

Hope you enjoyed the guide if you would like to see more hit me up with a like or a comment of what you want to see next.
Kind regards Tester77 ((0)))
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