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Better get to that Fallout Shelter - Fallout 4 Review

Fallout 4 is one of the best open world game's I've ever played.
Unlike its other open world contenders like Grand Theft Auto, Fallout 4 has a lot of different and unique features that other games in this genre don't even have a chance to catch up.

In this review, I aim to go over the game's story line, what the came can improve on, and also some other general features that Fallout 4 has to offer over any other Open world game.

Some background information with what I have with the game is I have played it for over 300 hours, and still, haven't completed the campaign! Also, I bought all the DLC content with the season pass which cost around £30. In my humble opinion, this was well worth the money as it's made the game 100x better with more weapons, maps and characters in newer missions. If you have any questions, I'm always checking on my reviews so you can leave comments and give me any improvements with my reviews, as I'm planning to write a review for every game, which....well... is a lot of time and words to review them all.

Thanks for checking out this review and let's get into the game review!
So let's get into this review of Fallout 4.

So let's start with the story line. The storyline in Fallout 4 is Huge. There is several different paths you can take, all behind the main story outline the main story which is saving your character's son. Whichever storyline you take, you will not be missing the fun in any story line you bring to the game. As for the story, it also has had a lot of time being put into it to make it good for us as the players. The reason I say this is because of a number of missions there are. Like another Open world games, they have a few missions available at any one time, well guess what! This one does too, you are never 'mission-less' because there is so many. All of the missions are trying to get that huge outlining missions of the Son saving, which is great because it gives you the feeling that your acutely building up on it, all whilst getting stronger.

There is also some side missions that pop up out of nowhere, which is great if you're running low on bottlecaps (currency) or just wanting that all important xp.
These missions can give you rewards such as new weapons, more bottle caps to buy other stuff or just simply want ti get another member to join the minutemen.

Moving on from the missions in the game, which are brilliant! Let's get into some of the weapons.
Some of the weapons are what you would expect in a post-nuclear war zone. With pistols made from blocks of wood and shooting screws at people, to 'Fat Man's' which..are just reliving the nuclear war, you are never far away from death bringing weaponry.
Throughout the game, you will come across 'Legendary' characters/opponents, (covered below) these characters are quite glorious when defeated giving you extreme or 'Legendary' Weapons.

These weapons are usually gotten from killing these 'Legendary' opponents but can be gotten by doing missions such as the 'Brotherhood' mission, you get a weapon that has 3x Damage with monsters. This is one of the better pistols in the game once the mission is completed. This also begins the campaign story line, for the Brotherhood. These weapons are marked with a 'STAR' Symbol and this will pop up with a very nice noise telling you that you have an amazing weapon!

Moving aside from the weaponry in the game, you also have a little feature that has to be the best feature of any game I've ever played.
V.A.T.S - Vault-tec . Assisted Targeting System.

V.A.T.S is your best friend out in the battlefield when facing up against monsters and enemies. V.A.T.S is like an Aimbot for Fallout 4.
You can click the button linked for your platform, and up pop's your V.A.T.S Gui, which in turn show's enemies, the chance to hit them, and how mich AP (Ability Power) you have. This can also contribute to your 'Critical Hit' shots, which is the name shows, Does a lot more damage overall, and usually can become the final shot (with a sweet animation!)

Moving onto some more parts of the game, upgrading / improving weapons is a HUGE aspect of the game.
Upgrading your weapons and armour (and base which is the last part of this review) is massive to defend against the never-ending hoards of Raiders and monsters out in the wasteland. Everything that you have on your character is completely upgradeable and this can be great, any armour that you might or might not need is all upgradeable. Armour such as 'Power Armour' can save your life and allow you to carry more on your way through the wasteland.

Another part of your character in the game is his / her upgrade status. With every level you go up, your character becomes Way stronger, with things like higher crit chance, or higher storage capacity or even things like how much you charm traders! (Which I'm sure you're all great at!)

Lastly, somthing I want to cover is the base building that every loves! It's like the 16+ version of Minecraft, with the availability to build houses, make houses for other settlers in the wasteland and also make your base a fort with defences and other monster stomping features to a build.
As I finish this guide, there are some things I didn't cover, but they are only small things that are minimal to the game.
Although this guide is not very detailed, I did try to put the most into it, and well, some other things I wanna mention is this game essentially fun to own. I have bought DLC which expands every aspect listed above, and I would highly recommend getting them as they are quite inexpensive and bring another 10-20 hours into the gameplay. I also bought a t-shirt and Fallout Pip-boy (which is an in-game item). Everything in and out of the game is cool because it's really good!

Overall the game is very good and can be a little difficult to start with, but is a very good game down the line of playing it. IF you have any questions on the game or did I miss a really important part of the game, let me know in the comments, because I really want thing Guide to be the best one out there!

I tried to cover everything up, but If you do decide to buy or already have the game, tell me what you think in the comments I would love to know some other people's reviews on the game!
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