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How to Get Skins on CSGO!

CSGO is full of wonderfullness, and the game itself is fantastic. But some people crave that little extra in the game.

People are falling in love with skins, the ingame camoflauge of CSGO. Your weapon can become colourfull very quick just by spending a few dollars on it. Although skins can set you back anywhere between £0.03 and £2300.00 , all the skins have meaning towards them.

Im sure everyone has fantasised over that one skin, maybe it's the Infamous M4A4 Howl? Or maybe the Gloriuos Dragon Lore. And you go to purchace them but you see the pricetag, and your smile turns to a frown. Well there are ways to do this

This guide will show you some ways that you can make money or get the skins you want in CSGO.

I will also be publishing guides on how to stop Gambling and how not to be scammed on CSGO. As these are becoming huge problems to the clean CSGO community. That either needs to be stopped or limited massivly.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
One of the way's people have been getting csgo skins for years is the old 'trading' method.
Although this can be the slowest and most painfull way to trade, it is the safest and easiest method to use.

Here's a quick little guide on how to start trading!

1. Pick items that you want to get in the long run.

Maybe you wanted that Howl? Or that dragon Lore, or even that lame Knife. Well... don't let go of that dream, you can and will achive that skin if you just have time and effort to get trading with.

2. Get an item to start with.

Any item that you may or may not have but can afford to get is a start of trading. Of course the more money you have invested, the faster the whole proccess will be, but you can make a Dragon Lore out of a P250 Meme Dune.
Of course rare or currency skins / items will be also easier, such as Sapphires / Ruby's / Emeralds and Keys.

3. Find trades that people want your item for their item (But make sure there is profit for yourself)

Now a days, people are only wanting overpay, which is understandable, but you can be sneaky and send the trade anyway to try to achive that trade. Even 0.1$ is overpay, and can benefit you massivly.

4. You keep reapeating the proccess till you get that item you so crave!

Although this could takes, days, weeks, months, maybe even a year, you will eventually get to that item that you have been wanting for so long.

Along with this, you can also find rare patterns , rare skins or just generaly low float items the collectors will want.
For example, the Glock fade that was being traded in the image below, was the no.1 Lowest float in the game. With this, the item itself was only worth 148 euros. But the ammount that was being trade for is almost 200euros. This just shows that people will want those lowest float patterns and will crave them no matter what the price.

Leading on from this, the pattern index for some Doppler knifes. IF a doppler is all blue, it is a sapphire and is worth WAY more than the market price. Same with a Ruby (all red) , Black Pearl (Parts black) and Emeralds (All Green). With this , fade's also carry alot of value if the fade is 100% fade. This can all be seen on diffrent websites, that show people the float, pattern and other info that collectors/ traders will want to knwo,
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Another faster way to earn these skins, are websites such as Bananatic. These sites lets you write reviews, play games and do offers from multiple providers, to earn yourself points or credits. These points can be transfered into skins, game codes or whatever you like if its in the store! These sites can earn you alot of money in the short term, and can even get you started if you wanted to trade aswell!

Of course with the 'website' theme, there are gambling websites, but these I do NOT recommend at all.
Gambling websites, although you can be lucky and be happy with some skins, you may find yourself with an addiction and always needing to gamble, but it is very risky to do. Gambling is for 18+ for a reason, if you are younger, don't do it because you may or may not find yourself loosing skins, and being introuble with your local govement.

Gambling is where the 'house wins' every time. You are never the winner. If you gamble and get a skin you want. Good .. Keep it, dont loose it , because one day you will think you can do it again, and you cant. And wont beable to. Gambling is the worst thing you can do to try to 'gain' skins.

By all means use free codes / daily codes on websites, and withdraw little skins and trade them into better skins. But never do it just because you can.

This pretty much concludes the how to get skins, of course there are other methods behind this, but Websites such as Bananatic and just general trading are reliable , free and easy to use , and will only use your time, which im sure you can spare to see youself in a few weeks time running around dust 2 with an M4 howl.

If you want any help on getting your skins, or need some more help trading, be sure to check out the comments and I will reply to anyone who needs some help. If you think you have a gambling problem? Or need some help to stop gambling, I will also write a guide on this, because I know it affected me when I lost all my skins to it, so Im sure it will be of use to some other people.

All the bset guys, and stay safe, stay Lucky!
- King Scroob
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