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Desert Operations
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Desert Operation: Another one of these games

I have been playing desert operations for a few months and this a review of what I thought of it. Desert is online military strategy game where you control a country and fight other enemies. It is alot like Clash of Clans, Imperia Online, Boom Beach and every single other game that has this repeated concept. You can join alliances to help fight and spy on your enemies. I do have a liking for games where i get to control and create my own world. However I do not like those games where you have to wait for everything to be done, and if your impatient, you will have to use gems (which cost real money). You have many different types of currency such as gold or oil or diamonds or steel for example. This gives you a mine or a machine for every one of these types of currencies, which can be annoying.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Alright, there are four kinds of fighting units. Ground,Defense Air, and Water

Ground- This type consists of foottroops which are your typical beginner cheap troop, with a short wait time and a pretty solid unit. However, as usual they are very weak as they die easily and have a weak attack. There are also armored vehicles which costs are not too expensive but not cheap as well .As you might expect they use up alot of diesel and are very slow. This makes them vulnerable from enemies from the air.

Defense - The defense of strong however is susceptible to espionage.

Air units- These units are deployed pretty fast and can penetrate better because they attack from the air, rather than having to go through all the buildings like ground units. A disadvantage is they consume alot of fuel.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Water - These units are very powerful however are expensive to research and to buy, have a long deployment time, and consumes alot of diesel.

There are many, many buildings in this game. This makes it a sustainable interesting game to play because of how much there is to improve. As you would expect, as your level increases, the building and research time increases as well, which makes the game less fun. This eventually is what made me lose interest in this game, because I had no more motivation to keep leveling and building, the pacing was just too slow. There are definitely in game purchases. You can buy diamonds for alot of uses. Diamonds are very hard to come buy and if someone buys alot of them, it can be pretty unfair.

Overall, this game is nothing original or special, but since it is for free, it might be worth a try.
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Author pokemasterx77
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