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My Review (feat. 2 server reviews)

I have had Minecraft for nearly 4 years but only started playing a lot between 2015 to early 2017. I have given it up, for now, but occasionally come on to chat with some people from different servers that I have played on. This leads me to my first point. Many people on a selective range of Minecraft servers are very friendly and amiable, so for those who are new to some of the big servers (Mineplex, Hypixel etc) then asking an experienced player or staff member will be beneficial and you can get acquaintanced fairly quickly. Minecraft servers on a whole from my experience provide a lot of games to play as there is a wide selection of servers. My favorite game would be Skywars/Skyclash on the Hypixel server as there is a lot of fun in such short paced PvP game.

Moving on, a server that I used to play on a lot was Hypixel. Now many of you guys reading this who play or have played Minecraft will probably know this server. I used to play nearly all the games on there but as mentioned above, I played Skywars/Skyclash regularly. Hypixel is a great server for those who want to play a large selection of games but I highly recommend playing some games with some friends such as "Mega Skywars" and some more because it will be much more fun. Hypixel's anti-cheat system (Watchdog) is one of the best anti-cheats around and statistically proving to remove a vast number of hackers. It works quite well and does ensure fair play around the server.
If you would like to know more about the server and what it has to offer to a player visit their website:

There are 4 donator ranks (Low to High):
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Another server that I didn't actually play on until maybe late last year is called Badlion. Badlion is a PvP server which is a good server to practice your skills to use for any other server or to just tryhard on the ranked queues to climb up further. My PVP skills improved a bit after playing a while on the server and you get matched up with people of your ability (you can choose this as there is also another option for a fast queue but isn't based on fair matchups). While this server can be seen as fun, it is quite competitive and there are a lot of skilled players on this server that do play a lot. Badlion's anti-cheat system is actually one of the best you can get and is quite accurate at detecting hackers and banning them quickly so you don't have to worry as much about unfair play. Badlion can be quite toxic as there are many competitive players around but on the whole, it's a great way to improve pvp through different game modes. Some more skill dependent than the other.
Any questions or information should be directed to their website:

There are 3 donator ranks on their server:

N.B: As Badlion are quite advanced, I recommend that you go to their website and download their minecraft client. This client is mainly if you want to play on their server quite a lot. It enables a smooth PvP experience and makes you less likely to get matched up with hackers. It also gives you a good FPS and has some features like minimap and item durability HUD for a player's benefit. (only for 1.7 with 1.8 to come out soon)
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
All in all, Minecraft is a good game for time passing with a vast number of servers and games, whether you are playing solo or as a party. Since there are a vast amount of servers (a huge amount), there are probably a lot of games that appeal to you. While small servers do host 1 or 2 games on it, bigger servers and networks go beyond and expand towards the players for many fun and also unique type of games. As mentioned earlier, you can make a lot of friends easily on servers as players are quite easy to approach when needing an extra hand. There can be a few downsides to a few servers like inactive staff, buggy games and more but if you are interested in certain games, some big servers like Hypixel, Mineplex and more will have games for you that you can enjoy that are not faulty and can provide fun and a generally good experience. Make sure to check out server websites to join in beyond just the game
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Author Bossman6921
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