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Plant the Seeds, Raise the Graves: A Plants vs. Zombies Review

Plants vs. Zombies is a popular PopCap IP producing spin-offs, a sequel, and more. The first game (the one this review is about) puts you in the place of an unnamed protagonist who is neighbors with Crazy Dave, who is... Well... Basically, what the name proposes, a guy named Dave who is sorta crazy. He gives you plant seeds which let you plant plants with extraordinary abilities which protect you from Zombies led by the brilliant and sinister Dr. Zomboss/Dr. Edgar George Zomboss. The Zombies have two objectives, consume brains and destroy The Plants. The game throws in a few challenges here and there to spice up the gameplay like fog on some night levels or continuously giving you different plants for free to see what you do with them. The main goal of the Player is to survive, plant plants, and defeat the previously discussed brilliant and sinister Dr. Zomboss.
Now let's get into the actual Plants and Zombies. Let's start with The Plants. The Plants are not all focused or have the abilities to kill the Zombies. Some plants are defensive, some are offensive, some just assist the team in producing a valuable resource or escape. Some defensive ones are the Tall-nut and Wall-nut which prevent The Zombies from proceeding in their track. Some offensive ones are the Peashooter and Repeater which is a pun if you couldn't tell as they are plants with round heads, a few leaves on the back of their head, and a little snout-like facial feature on the front of their face that shoots peas (two peas at a time for the Repeater). One of the ones that assist is the Sunflower which once in a while gives you one piece of Sun which, if you're playing for on a daytime level, Sun also naturally falls out of the sky. You can also, later in the game, buy upgrades in the shop with coins you collect for certain plants that you plant on the plant (if that makes sense) to upgrade them.
Plants vs. Zombies has been and still is, one of my favorite Video Games and Video Game series of all time. The game has more than I've mentioned so I don't base your decision to play this game only on this. Now, let's quickly go over a few of the extras in the game. You can acquire some achievements in the game and as well play 3 bonus modes besides Adventure mode. These modes are Mini-Games, Puzzle, and Survival. Mini-Games and Puzzle mode are different situations not experienced in standard gameplay that try to challenge you. You also have a garden where you can plant some of the Plants you get and plant Marigolds which give you coins over time. If you own the Game of The Year version of the game you also get access to a special feature called Zombatar which lets you create your very own Zombie that carries the flag in the front of the horde of zombies when a huge wave of zombies are approaching in Adventure mode. I hope you enjoyed my review of Plants vs. Zombies! Again, I highly recommend you play this game.

Note: I got these images from the Plants vs. Zombies Wikia so credit to the uploader of the image on the Wikia. Also, I'm sorry if the Images are blurry.
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