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An Insight Into the World of Roblox

Many people despise Roblox for its young community and disappointing games. However, they have definitely been proven wrong. Roblox (launch it from here at Bananatic) has changed a lot, starting in 2006, to our present 2017. It now has much better graphics, better community-driven games, and a an average age range of 10 - 18 in their community. Not only this, but Roblox Studio offers a chance for you to bring your own games to life. For FREE! In fact, all gameplay is absolutely free in Roblox! Sounds too good to be true? Well, just you wait. If you wish to become a developer on Roblox, they have a system known as 'Developer Exchange' in which developers can turn their earned in-game 'Robux' into real life money (with purchase of OBC)! Just for making a game of your choosing! Famous Roblox developers, such as Roblox user taymaster, have even earned up to $50,000 USD just from their game. What are you waiting for? Sign up today at
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...Not sold yet? Don't worry. I can give you a quick text-based tour. Firstly, if you DON'T want to be a game developer, there's another way to receive Robux! Roblox lets you buy Robux for an actually fairly cheap price. Some sites even sell Robux for less (be wary of the risk of viruses and/or scammers with visiting other sites to receive Robux, however)! Now you might be asking... "what can I do with said Robux?" The answer is simple. Anything you want! You can use it to decorate your character, buy 'gamepasses' or games to receive premium in-game items, buy 'Paid Access' to games, or even use it as a boost to help you start your new career in Roblox trading! All this might sound a little odd or even dumb, but you can easily adjust to it. It can be an acquired taste for some, but you'll like it... eventually (unless you're stubborn like that)!
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Seriously? You should stop reading this and head over to! ...You STILL aren't sold? Fine. Are you a forum lover? Well, Roblox has their own forum, with different sub-categories! You can talk about game design, scripting, clans & guilds, receive community or administrator help, talk about Roblox, or even discuss trading/dealing! The forum can be... toxic to say the least at times, but it can also be very fun (just as with all forums)! Even if you don't wanna talk to people on the forums (which is actually probably a pretty good idea), you can always talk to people in-game! Typically the people you meet in-game are more... down to Earth, and it's a great place to make online friends! I, myself have online friends due to Roblox, and they're some of the best friends I have. Now, for the love of god, go to and have some fun!
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