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Roblox: Why is it bad?

First of all Roblox is pretty good and all and it's free so you can't argue but there are a lot flaws in Roblox, too. I will tell why Roblox is good and bad. You have to be careful and don't tell any personal information because someone could see this and go to your house but this is not likely. There are a lot of click bait games and you have to waste some time going in the game and then realizing the game was just click bait and then having to leave and hope the next game you play isn't click bait either. Some people abuse their powers. There was a admin who made unfair bans to Lot's of people. One admin kept banning a someone Roblox account even after the he stopped doing bad stuff. The admin kept banning and banning every new account the he created. Below is a picture of a game that is either lying or going to steal your account.
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First, Roblox is free and fun and there are millions of users on the game. There are also hackers who ruin the experience there was a hack called the 2012 April first hack where hackers actually took over the website! You also might want to buy a game pass but you have to have money to buy the virtual currency. There are also lots of online daters and predators. They also censor lots of things like numbers and sometimes it censors normal words not even bad and sometimes the chat doesn't censor bad words and people can get away with it. Also there are scammers who steal accounts by making the player type their password with scammers promising to give them virtual currency but Roblox is a lot of fun and some people give away the virtual currency. I hope Roblox makes the website a lot more safe and secure.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
In conclusion, I think Roblox would be better if they had better moderators and at least give some of the virtual currency at the beginning of the game. So I think Roblox could do a better job. If I rated Roblox it would be a two out of five stars. In the picture above it shows stuff that happened in the 2012 fools prank. Near the top there is a red box where Roblox would post for announcements and see that got hacked. Also in the Roblox store Roblox hats and other stuff had there virtual currency range lowered. Another example of what they did. I got the picture from Also that that website tells all about the "prank" that was pulled on 2012. I think that Roblox doesn't even read reports because they are to lazy to do that. The Roblox community is so bad. There was also a great amount of hackers unbanned including the hacker up above.
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Author BobTheGreat
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