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RoboManiac is a game to check out!

RoboManiac you build and customize robots and pit them against each other in epic fights. There are many ways to customize your robot as well as many routes to go when building your death machine to take into the arena. Hundreds of thousands of various upgrades you can do to your robots. The game is a turn system battle mode, and the strongest come out on top. Join the ranks on the leader-board and push for the top in online multiplayer battles. Gain amazing prizes while battling to customize your bot with Not to mention all the different missions you can do to gain money to upgrade your robots. Build an ultimate team to rule them all. Join with some friends and either fight against each-other or team up to rise on the leader boards. The artsyle is very unique as well, it stands out and looks really nice.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
There is a very interesting story to this game as well. At the end of the 21st century, humans continued to set off into space to colonize the moon and Mars and build numerous space stations in our own solar system. By the beginning of the 22nd century, technology was so advanced that the first unmanned probes were sent to the nearest solar system, Proxima Centauri. The date those probes sent back data was clear: The star systems around Proxima and Alpha Centauri were significantly more stable than the previous long-range scans had suggested. The first manned interstellar travel to unknown systems soon followed for further exploration. The missions confirmed several Earth-like planets with well-developed flora and fauna within the habitable zone. I found the story actually very interesting.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The native life forms had largely survived. However they suffered from strong mutations due to the dangerous radiation. The robots reactivated gradually and began to think about their situation. For sources of information, they used all the remaining functional memory banks from the abandoned colonies. They decided... to survive! The next logical evolutionary step was to build a separate society from the ruins of this outpost of humanity. But who should lead it?Relying on their information about humans and an acquired survival instinct, they came to the conclusion that this question should be decided according to the law of the strongest, as biological evolution had previously shown. The strongest and smartest robots shall prevail. On the one hand there is anarchy, on the other the robots seek to create social structure. Now try it today, this game is extremely fun and you should go out and try it.
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