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World of Warships
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Taiho's Guide to World of Warships

Love sea battles with many vessels in close combat from battleships to destroyers using anything from shells to torpedoes? Then this game is perfect for you!

Since childhood I had been fascinated by steel battleships and their destructive power. An avid reader of history, I had also been rather disappointed that these mighty ships never realized their potential and were almost always eclipsed by the deadly power of the torpedo or the menace from the air. Expensive to build and a showcase for a nation's strength, perhaps as nuclear weapons do so today, they were doomed to remain under constant protection and were never risked in an all out battle.

Hence I quenched my thirst for the actual possibility of their combat and their abilities in battle on paper. No video game ever offered a genuine battleship to battleship engagement across a lengthy timeline. Things went on this way for a few years when I stumbled upon an ad promoting World of Warships in its early days. I cannot begin to explain the excitement it caused me day and and night after that. I checked for updates every day and could not wait for its release. Finally, about the middle of 2015, it finally released, or at least, I was able to start playing it. My first moments were of utmost adventure and absorption. I was completely engrossed in the game, forgetting much else, and became quite closed in those few days. As with every new anticipated game which falls to your expectations, I was addicted to it at first. I would spend no less than 5-6 hours on it daily, ME! who never spent more than 3 hours on games in a day! Ah those were the days.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
(Above: Southern Dragon, special event ship)

The game itself is brilliant. It gives you from among four different types of ships to choose from, viz. Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, Cruiser and destroyers. Each has its pros and cons and each possesses different abilities. Lets go over each of them:

- Battleships: Possess the heaviest armor and the biggest guns. Good for crushing enemy cruisers and give a fair fight against other battleships.

- Aircraft Carriers: Indirect Combat vessels. Use aircraft with deadly consequences against any enemy ship.

- Cruisers: Fast, light vessels with a high rate of fire. Best used for defense against destroyers and other cruisers. Also possess good AA fire.

- Destroyers: Smallest, fastest ships, very hard to hit with big guns. Possess deadly torpedoes an can even hide in smoke.

Players teamed with others engage against opposing teams to complete certain objectives, different according to map types, which are chosen randomly. You must then reach certain points through the completion of these objectives such as capturing certain areas on the map or sinking enemy ships etc. You can even team up with your friends and form clans etc. To sum it up, these vessels "tough-it-out" against each other in two teams of mixed ships. Whatever ship you may pick, you will always find a team to play with. This game is the best sandbox-combat type ever seen.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
(Above: ARP Nova anime ships event)

In addition to normal battles, the devs are constantly updating the game, and regularly feature new content, events and promotions as well.

The game can be played in either co-op (vs. Computer) or Team (vs. Humans) Modes. In addition, much more tougher competitions like ranked battles also come out from time to time, offering great reward to skilled players, like gold coins (usually only purchase-able through hard cash), new ships, new and rare items etc.

Above all, the game is absolutely free, though premium ships, items and other stuff can also be purchased from its store. But the point is that if you don't have or don't want to spend cash then its perfectly fine, you can play just as well through and through.

With all these cool features, you should definitely try out the game at least once. Then you will see for yourself how good the game is.

Good Luck!
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Author TaihoKoga
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