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Free shooting games

Free shooting games

If you are a person that craves action and adrenaline, desire high paced reactions and extreme gameplay, shooting games are the genre for you. Shooting games are a subgenre of the action games genre, which rely specifically on the players’ speed and reaction time. Shooting games contain a common resource: ammunition, usually in the form of a gun or a rifle. The themes of such games are similar: defeat an avatar to gain rewards ad progress with the game.

Shooting games often employ the "kill or be killed" logic: the player has to stay alive long enough to defeat the enemy or be defeated in the process. Players have limited control of their character within this genre of gaming and focus mostly on defeating the opponent through various forms of weaponry and ammunition.

For those who prefer this genre, the internet holds a large variety of free shooting games to choose from. Players can choose the type of game, and the platform they want to play it on and use the free access to play popular games in their style. 76

To access free shooting games online, without the hassle of downloading or registering, players can easily access some websites that offer a variety of free shooting games to cater every whim.  Websites like and put forth a multitude of shooting games that ask for no prerequisites.

If a player wants a more private, professional feel to their gaming, they can download mobile and computer games such as Mortal kombat off their playstores and entertain themselves for hours.