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The best free battle games

The best free battle games

If you are a strategic person who loves combat type games, battle games are the genre for you. These games combine the best of both worlds to create a genre that caters to a more tactical fan base. Battle games combine the planning and thinking require in strategy games, the tactics and the logic needed in war games and the speed and high reaction time required in combat games to create a fantastic new genre that will challenge the player both physically and mentally.

Warthunder is a game that perfectly encapsulates the requirements and beauty of a battle game. The game allows players to be a part of a WW2 battlefield. With the players assuming control over various war vehicles, either land based or aerial, the game focuses on strategy and combat together. Players have to make sure that their vehicles are placed at prime locations at which they can attack and defend simultaneously, and rage war over their opponents using the ammo at hand.

Another gripping battle game is World of Warships. The game falls somewhere in the middle of the arcade simulation category and is set in another ww2 battlefield. The players take control of war vehicles and proceed to battle with other players. However, the players have to keep in mind the moves the other players may make and the optimum locations at which attack could be made.