How does it work?

Virtual currency in games

Within games, the greatest motivation that entices a player to devote their time to the game is the in-game prize system employed within the game. Most of these prizes are in the form of in-game currency that often doubles as virtual currency. Virtual currency can either be the money used only within the game or can be exchanged for real money after a certain point is reached.


Many games operate on the system that revolves around virtual money. Players are reeled in with the incentive of collecting some form of currency which they can later trade in to buy further expansions for their characters within the game. Games offer either money or coins as a form of currency. Players are given a chance to collect as much as they can through daily challenges and missions. The more the game is played, the greater the size of the loot.


Some games provide players with the currency only if they achieve a certain landmark within the game, such as in Clash of Clans, when the players complete a building or finish a raid; while other provide a constant supply which is valued for less within the game such as in Temple Run. There are certain games, like Roblox, which allow players to exchange the amount of money they earn within the game for real life currency.