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Best Free MMORPG

Best Free MMORPG

MMORPG is the new RPG: updated and more technology friendly featuring the same concept that launched the RPG genre. The idea is simple: anyone can be anything, even it is within computer screens for only a few hours. While Rps fulfilled the escapist ideology, MMORPGs allow the users the option of interacting with each other during gameplay, making the gaming experience more real and interactive.

The genre is one of the greatest within the gaming world, with almost all other genres combining with this one to create a new generation of games. All the latest games are contained within the MMORPG category. The technology varies, but the basic ideology remains the same: players enter the game world and take on a role of the characters within the game. As the genre increases in popularity, more and more MMORPG are available online for free.

Final Fantasy XIV is a game that allows the players to enter an alien world and choose a character from within a choice list of 18 classes and 4 character types. The game is a fantasy, allowing the players to immerse themselves into the alternate world fully.

Another popular MMO available to the community for free is Revelation Online. The game takes place in an ancient land, with players taking on the role of one of many characters. The game offers a diverse experience, with something for everyone.

For the anime fans, Naruto Online is a Godsend. The game features characters from the anime show which the players assume the shape of and roleplay as while they complete the various challenges of the game.