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Best free strategy games

Best free strategy games

Strategy games require planning and diligence, as well as a thorough attention to detail. If you feel like you are an observant planner, then this genre of games is for you. The games span a broad category, from simple card games to giant combat universes. These games ask for diligence during the game and contain something for everyone. Be it a fantasy fan, or a combat game lover; this genre has every player covered.

Even though strategy games are available online and for purchase, there is something about a good free game that makes it more intriguing. The genre is expanding daily to include more games with 3D technology features that allow players to interact with their characters on a deeper level that ever before.  And since not all players can afford to pay to play, game makers have started to launch games that are free to play.

One of the most expressive games available for free play, Hearthstone is a strategic heaven. The game is a card-based game, deceptively simple but cunningly designed to give avid card players some of the best times of their lives. Another game that has risen to the heights of the gaming world while remaining free to play is a League of Legends. The game is simple in its premise: two teams of players that fight enemies and monsters as well as other teams.

Epic Arena is a game that focuses on a turn based strategy that allows players to build armies and revolves around positioning. The more strategic the position of the soldiers, the greater the chance at victory.