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Bananatic is a website that offers not only the very best form of entertainment but also a large cache of free and exciting gifts for its users. The website hosts a multitude of games in every available genre and makes them available to its users for free. Users simply have to sign up to access the free games and rewards that Banantic has to offer.



The prizes range from cs go game skins to pay safe cards to cheat codes and cash prizes. The method to access these rewards is simple: gain enough bananas to exchange at the gift shop. Bananas are the website currency and can be easily earned by performing simple tasks around the site.



Bananatic gives out bananas for practically nothing. Even the simplest tasks, such as being active on the website or adding friends to your contacts can lead to small advancements in banana points. Users can gain banana points in bulk by taking part in surveys about games and promoting sponsors on the website. The easiest way to earn more bananas is to play games. A player will not be rewarded for launching a game. However, points are given upon completion of levels and tasks. A number of points awarded depends on the game.



Once the user has the desired number of points, they can cash them in to get free paysafecard codes. These codes can then be used to pay for games within the website domain or purchase music and movies otherwise.