How does it work?

make money by playing

Bananatic offers money prizes for playing games

Bananatic is a free to access a website that offers its users a unique platform which not only offers a vast variety of free to play games but also allows players to trade in the currency they earn for free and exciting prizes. Users of this website can make money simply by playing games.

The website offers its users a chance to win prizes ranging from gift cards and activation codes to actual cash as well as Amazon vouchers and in-game currency.

To earn these prizes, one simply has to attain the desired amount of bananas, i.e., the currency used within the website universe. These bananas are an easy and surefire way to make money on online gaming.

To earn bananas, the player has to stay active around the website. Points are given out for interacting with other users, bringing in new recruits and playing games. Points are also awarded for completing game surveys and promoting sponsors. The bigger the sponsor, the bigger the reward, Players can also access bananas by clearing gaming levels and overcoming challenges within the game.

Once the player has collected enough bananas, they can exchange them at the Bananatic store to attain currency. This can be real world currency, in the form of gift cards and vouchers, or in-game currency to other gaming universes which can then be used to purchase in-game facilities.

Players can cash in their rewards within the website by purchasing more bananas or by cashing in their rewards within the numerous games available.