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Ever imagine an interactive, creative way to fill up the empty, meaningless free hours? The solution is here, Bananatic offers a vast variety of games that are free to play and cater to every genre of gamer that exists. The website is free to sign up and offers a multitude of free games, as well as a vast variety of rewards and prizes for playing games. On this website, players can earn money playing games online.

The process of obtaining these prizes and money is fairly easy. Players need to earn as many bananas as they need to exchange them at the gift shop. Bananas are the currency used by the website; awarded for performing simple tasks on the website and for playing games.

Players can attain banana points by taking part in small tasks such as logging in, talking to other users, making friends on the website and for introducing the website to other people outside the website domain. Points are also awarded for promoting sponsors and taking part in game surveys. The surest way to earn points is to play games- at every level that is cleared; the player is awarded points depending on the game and level of gameplay.

Once the player collects enough bananas, they can use them to earn money playing games. The website shop allows players to exchange their points to obtain gift cards and vouchers, as well as in-game currency cards that can be used to purchase items within the games available on the website.