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Bananatic is a website designed to reduce boredom and engage those who prefer gaming in their free hours. The website offers a vast variety of popular free to play games and adds the incentive of free prizes to attract users.



The process of attaining prizes is simple enough: obtain enough banana points to obtain the desired item from the Bananatic store, or earn points and prizes by competing in games and finishing tasks.



The website offers a multitude of rewards, from an opportunity to attain gaming cheat codes to the chance to make money by playing games to obtaining skins for various MMOs. The methods to attain the prizes are easy; all you need to do is earn as many banana points as possible.



Banana points can be earned through carrying out simple tasks on the website, such as referring the website to other people, making friends within the website domain and interacting with other users.



Points can also be earned by taking part in surveys about games, promoting the sponsors and playing games. Once a player overcomes a level or completes a mission, they are rewarded with the appropriate number of bananas depending on the task and the game.



These points can then be traded in at the Bananatic shop to make money by playing games. Actual cash prizes are awarded to players, as well as currency within the games which can be used to purchase in-game items.