How does it work?

Money Games

One of the biggest incentives a player can get while playing a game is the monetary gain that they get during gameplay. The money made available to the player is used within the game to purchase in-game services, equipment, upgrades and buy packages that offer new scenarios. The money obtained during gameplay can also be traded in within the games for real money, provided that the game allows that feature.



Games that allow players to earn and collect money during gameplay are usually categorised as money games. Depending on the game, the player has some ways to attain money. Most games offer some daily challenges and missions that allow players the opportunity of earning money. Depending on the genre of the game, the player can then use their skills and abilities to access money. If the game is a strategy play, the player can attain currency by building resources, or trading and fighting with other players. If the user is interested in combat games, they can earn within the game by shooting and fighting other players and NPCs.



The money earned by the player can then be employed to gain either upgrades or new equipment or collect the money to gain enough points to get ahead of other players on the leaderboard.