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Free games and free paysafe prepaids


Ever wanted a way to while away time in a productive yet engaging method? Bananatic is a unique endeavour that aims to provide the best gaming experience while enticing users with free gifts and rewards. The website hosts a multitude of games in every available genre and is free to sign up and play.



Bananatic gives away free rewards to its users simply for using the website. Rewards range from gift cards to weapon skins to the chance of winning money and paysafe cards for free. Not only are the games free, but it is relatively easy to gain a reward. All the user has to do is earn enough bananas to exchange at the gift shop.



Bananas are the currency system employed by the Bananatic website and can be exchanged at the gift shop for rewards. The points are easy to earn- simple tasks can accumulate a lot of bananas. The website awards users points for logging in and making friends, as well as taking surveys and promoting spoors. The easiest and fastest way to collect points is to play games. Players are awarded bulk amounts of bananas upon completing tasks and levels within the game.



These bananas can be cashed in to earn paysafecards for free. These cards can be used within the game or outside the website domain. One of the biggest attractions of the website is the chance to win paysafecards for free.