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Bananatic is a website that offers a whole new gaming experience to those who crave the ultimate experience. The website offers a vast variety of free to play games, catering to almost every genre available so that no one is left out. Not only are the games free to access, but the website also rewards the players with various gifts of their choice for simply staying active around the website.

The prizes and rewards range from simple activation codes for various games and software to the chance to make money playing online games. To gain these prizes, the users simply have to collect enough banana points.

Banana points are the website currency used by Bananatic and are easy to earn. The currency can be earned by performing simple tasks, such as logging in, interacting with other users and introducing the website to other people. Players can also attain bananas by promoting sponsors, taking part in surveys and purchasing bananas. The easiest and quickest ways to earn points is to play games. Players gain rewards of bananas upon completing levels and overcoming obstacles within the game.

Once the user has collected enough game points, they can make their way over to the Bananatic shops, where they can exchange their points for gift cards and vouchers to help them make money playing games. This money can be in the form of real life money, or in the form of game currency that can be used to buy in-game items.