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free steam wallet keys

Calling all gamers: free Steam wallets available at Bananatic

Looking for a free website to occupy your free time and make the boring moments interesting? is a free website that makes accessible games of every genre to users and rewards them for using the website. The games are free to play, and all that is required is a free account. The website gives away free prizes to its users, such as free steam wallet keys and weapon skins, as well as cheat codes and cash.

The method to avail these awards is simple. All the user has to do is stay active on the website. Banana points are given to the user for performing simple tasks around the website, such as logging in or interacting with other people on the website. These points can then be traded in to access steam wallet keys. Points are also earned through surveys, sponsor promotion and referring other users to the websites and games available on the site. Users can earn bulk bananas by playing games. Every time a level is cleared or an obstacle is overcome, the player is awarded bananas depending on the game and the level of the challenge.

These banana points can then be exchanged at the Bananatic game store for free steam wallet keys. These keys can then be used to recharge existing wallets and hence, to purchase game items within steam games.