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Best Free Sports games

Best Free Sports games

As technology takes over physical activity, sports games are the new physical games. A hit with both those who miss the great outdoors and those who like sports but cannot be bothered with sweating, sports games capture the real essence of real life play onto the screen. These games let players experience the thrill and excitement of playing sports while sitting within the comfort of your room.

Several different angles exist on sports games: from simulations that allow the players to experience the sport as it is, to arcade gaming that parodies different games for fun. Sports games can either show the working of the game or emphasise the rules of the game. Whatever angle the player may be interested in, the gaming community has a plethora of free games available online.

FIFA is one of the most popular gaming tournaments in real life and is one of the most played real life game online. The game allows players to take the roles of popular football players and control their team to score against the opponent teams.

Another extremely popular free sports game is Fishing Hook. This one is for those who love to take an afternoon off to relax by the lake but sadly cannot do so. The game allows players to fish as a competition, where it is the ultimate battle to catch the fish and reel it in.