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February's full of prizes! 03.02.2020 February's full of prizes!

Hello Gamers!


The time has come for the new event and... we are happy to announce that console Playstation 4 will be the main prize again!


Certainly there will be also many additional prizes for you to win - Amazon Cards, Steam Wallets or bananas! The event starts on 1st of February and ends on 29th. We will announce the winners in the middle of the March. Stay tunned, we will keep you posted. 


The rules are simple - collect special points during the event. On 10th of February additional, special tasks will become available on the event's page. You will find more information here. Feel free to join us whenever you'd like to! 


*Please keep in mind that the main prize can be won only once! This particularly means that winners of previous editions, who might gather the highest amount of points will receive a special prize ;)*


Have fun guys and wish you luck!

Bananatic Team