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Let's check the latest results! 26.05.2020 Let's check the latest results!

Hi Gamers!


There was a rough fight, but at "theend?" the best has won! With the total amount of over 88k points it was a bit hard to follow, but other users did also some great job!


So as mentioned before ;) the console goes to theend? We are currently arranging the delivery of the prize, so no worries soon you will be able to have some fun with Playstation 4/


2# Robertdu94 - Amazon 25 eur

3# serelak - Amazon 25 usd


And bananas go to:

4# gabo202

5#  Kody_12345


7# ElectraVEVO

8# MilleHD

9# echtlit

10# ZebraVogel94349


Thank you all for taking part and we wish to see you in the next event! (Coming pretty soon..., we will keep you updated!)


Yours always,

Bananatic Team