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New! Collect Bananas for... writing about games! 13.06.2017 New! Collect Bananas for... writing about games!

Bananapedia - a new way of getting bananas!

Collect Bananas for writing about the games you love!


Are you a game lover? Do you spend a lot of time gaming? Share your experiences about the games you love with other users of Bananatic. Write game reviews, tutorials or guides for any game. Relate in a few paragraphs what you like about the game, what could be changed or fixed, add two photos and you're done! Your creativity will be rewarded!


The most read and visited articles will be individually selected for an award by the Bananatic crew :)


Warning!!! Copying from the internet = persistent ban on writing :)


We are also adding... video features... soon!


Check this all out now - Live Bananapedia


We will get back to our work now... preparing the next updates for this part of the website! Stay tuned!


Bananatic Team