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Last event of 2022!! 18.01.2023 Last event of 2022!!

Hi Gamers!


There was a rough fight, but at "miguel247martinez"  has won! With the total amount of over 82k points it was a bit hard to follow, but other users did also some great job!


So as mentioned before ;) the console goes to miguel247martinez. We are currently arranging the delivery of the prize, so no worries soon you will be able to have some fun with Playstation 4.


2. TjarkS (DE)

3. zokelf(DE)


And bananas go to:

4. GoergenDeJohnson (DE)
5. PetersBanane (DE)
6. Spend Bananas(US)
7. transcredit (RU)
8. ???coss(EU)
9. BlockVillager (US)
10. Polkh (FR)



Thank you all for taking part and we wish to see you in the next event! (Coming pretty soon..., we will keep you updated!)


Yours always,

Bananatic Team