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Playstation 4 console goes to... 15.09.2020 Playstation 4 console goes to...

Hi Gamers!


There was a rough fight, but "NeoX3n" has been the most active user and won the main prize! The total amount of over 183000 points was hard to beat, but the fight was even!


The console goes to NeoX3n. We are currently arranging the delivery specifics. Please be patient we will contact you soon.


Other lucky winners:


2# Dea-Aurora - Mastercard 40 eur

3# Pokemontam3r - Amazon 25 eur


And bananas go to:

4# Moonsault

5# PolloCattivo

6# yukitachi

7# Parazeption

8# Yinaro

9# ClaraB

10# sharktea


Thank you all for taking part in our event and we wish to see you in the next one! As you can see this is a pretty regular thing so stay tunned!


Yours always,

Bananatic Team