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Gaming slang vocabulary 24.04.2017 Gaming slang vocabulary

Lack of good communication is an issue which a lot of players swear on. The brutal reality, which is especially true for newcomers, is that people don’t know what all those abbreviations and strange words mean. Here we go again - Banantic provides you with the gaming vocab tools you need. Fear not! In just 15 minutes you're gonna become an expert in gaming slang.


Adds - additional monsters that surround a boss. These are often summoned by a boss. They aren’t dangerous, but dealing with them can be frustrating, so it’s common for gamers to kill them first.


AFK - Away From Keyboard. Pretty self-explanatory - player is away.


Agrro - agression. Refers to monster acting agressively versus player.


AH - Auction House. That’s the place when you can sell and buy stuff from other players.


Alt/Main - Main refers to your main character. This one is the strongest one/has highest level. Alt is alternative char, which is weaker than main. Usually alt is main’s goldmaker.


AoE - Area of Effect. Spells and skill which aren’t point-click but rather area.


ATM - at the moment.


BRB - be right back


Boss - really strong monster. Killing this guy is high-risk/high-reward kind of stuff. Bosses are too strong to get killed by one player, so gamers tend to organize team to hunt him.


BTW - by the way


Bug - it’s an error in implementation/design. The danger of this problem varies. It can be harmless or critical. If it’s critical it’s exploitation can lead to serious issues.


Build - the way you build up your character with various items and skills


Buff/debuff - power-up/power-down to your skills


Camper - a guy who find “strategic spot” and spends there long time killing enemies. That’s bad cause he doesn’t work in team.


Casual - game which requires no to low skill and efforts.


Caster - the class which focuses on casting spells. Caster has low amount of HP but he excels in damaging opponents/buffing team.


CC - Crowd Control. The ability to limit opponent’s movement/actions.


Counter - skill or character which is super effective versus specific skil/character due to it’s mechanics


Crafting - ability to craft items from raw materials.


Crit - critical hit. Super strong attack. It’s generated randomly, but you can build your character to improve your critical striking chance.


CTF - Capture The Flag. Game mode in which your goal is to get the flag from enemy’s base and carry it to your’s. The enemy team has same goal so it’s guaranteed fun.


DC - disconnected


DM - DeathMatch. Rules are simple - you fight everyone. Player who kills most opponents wins.


DLC - downloadable content. Additional content made by creator of game. Usually, it’s paid.


DoT - Damage over Time.


DPS - Damage per Second


Drop - items that are dropped by killed enemies


Easter Egg - hidden information within game. It’s often humorous and doesn’t affect gameplay at all.


FPS - First Person Shooter/Frames Per Second


GG - Good Game.


Grind - act of gaining experience in monotonous fashion.


Hack - illegal program that is helping players in non-fair way


KS - Kill Steal


Lag - delay between players input and action on screen. Often caused by connection problems.


Mob - AI monster


Nerf - a change to an item or character which lowers its power


Noob - unexperienced, bad player


NPC  - Non-playable Character. The NPC’s task is to provide various functions like e.g. selling potions.


NVM - nevermind


OP - Overpowered.


RNG - Random Number Generator


Salty - mad or angry. Refers to salty tears.


Scrub - weak player


Smurf - experienced player who creates new account just to pwn some newbies.


TP - teleport


TY - Thank You


UP - Underpowered