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  • Booty Farm the basics of is a game that is as complicated as easy. You have 1 "goal" in the game, be the biggest. Seems easy isnt it?However its up to you how to achieve that goal, but lets start from the basics. In you are a ball on a huge 2D map, there a lesser balls (not players) that you can consume by m...

  • Booty Farm Personal Review

    In Agar io the goal is to become the biggest blob in the server, you can achieve that by eating other blobs, which actually is really satisfying, Agar has multiple gamemodes FFA, Teams, Expermental and Private. Its a great game to play with friends teaming together to become number 1. This game requ...

  • Booty Farm Booty Farm: A Game About A Bunch Of Chicks Who Dig Produce.

    Do you like farming simulators? Do you like dating simulators? Do you like to watch porn... Errhm... For the story? If you answered yes to all three of these questions, youre likely to get a kick out of Booty Farm. If you think that the combination of farming and dating simulators sounds like a dumb...

  • Booty Farm A Booty Farm With The Adult Chats

    This game is definitely must be played. There is very good chats in the game. The adult chats are funny and good. The orders times are long. This can sometimes be boring . In the game you are farming , feeding animals and you are building your farm. Farming is funny .There is some chickens , pigs .....