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  • Minecraft About Minecraft Gamemodes and Servers

    Minecraft is an open-world sandbox game where people can pretty much build anything they want. Whether its something as small as a simple log house, or a large remake of something, or even an entire city or map, it can be done. (Assuming its within the height limit of course.) From the start of Mine...

    Marth, The Black Legend
  • Minecraft Minecraft : Game Review

    Minecraft is a very creative and imaginative game as it shows a lot of detail when creating huge structures and it really shows how creative and time consuming the game can be. The game is better to be played with friends than alone as it helps with your happiness and the game becomes more adventuro...

  • Minecraft Minecraft: A beginners sandbox

    I would love to start this article by stating what is minecraft, what you do, and whats it about. However, millions of people play minecraft. Some of the top selling nonfiction books in America have been guides on how to play Minecraft. Minecraft is kind of a big deal already, and if youre reading t...

  • Minecraft What servers to play!

    Minecraft, is an amazing game. Everybody knows what minecraft is. Minecraft is a fun game, with many things to do! Coming with minecraft is a singleplayer experience and a multiplayer experience. Some people do not like to play, singleplayer because they dont have friends to play with, and eventuall...


    First of all if youre reading this and only playing creative then you should probably go back. Creative mode doesnt need a guide. Survival and hardcore modes are what youre here for arent you? Well first of all you wanna mine wood and blocks like dirt. Well wood is the essential beginners item and c...

    Lord cucumdec
  • Minecraft Basic Cobblestone Generator

    Are you in dire need of cheap building supplies? Starting out a skyblock island? What if you just want to preserve the natural beauty of your area and not strip mine the land just to build? You will need cobblestone, and this is how to create an infinite amount using only two resources readily found...