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  • Minecraft How to Minecraft Singleplayer!

    When you first get minecraft you see theres Tabs Singleplayer Multiplayer Realms if you would like to when you first get in Minecraft go to survival and learn the basics first when you get in go find trees then once you get wood put in in the crafting inventory and shift click the wood planks then y...

  • Minecraft Minecraft: Is it worth the money?

    Minecraft has been seen as the one and only "creative game" on the market for many years, but is this creatively driven game really worth 27 US dollars? In this review I will be going over the single player, multiplayer, and modded aspects of the game. I will also be giving a general opinion on the...

  • Minecraft How To Download A Mod On Minecraft

    Step 1. Download Forge To install and minecraft mod you need to install forge from Try to find the version of forge that is the same as your minecraft version. When you find the right version of forge then, You either want to click "WINDOWS INSTALLER" if you are on windows or "IN...

  • Minecraft This title brings me back childhood chills

    Back in my childhood there was one game I found interesting and it was Minecraft. The reason is pretty simple: lots and lots of things to create and to build. Back then I was trying to find the recipes on my own and was competing with my friends on who knows the most recipes. Funny thing eh? It was...

  • Minecraft How to build a nice house

    Ever wanted to build a nice house in Minecraft?I will be teaching you how to do so.First of all, you can start out small as if youre doing this in survival mode its most likely that you dont have a lot of resources to just build something to your liking with what you have.Once you have gotten to the...

  • Minecraft How to Make The Basic Stuff

    These are the basic recipes here with instructions on how to assemble each in the crafting bench/inventory. - 1 Wood = 4 Wooden Planks - 2 Wooden Planks (space 5 & 8) = 4 Sticks - 1 Coal/Charcoal (space 5) 1 stick (space 8) = 4 Torches - 4 Wooden Planks (spaces 4, 5, 7, 8) = 1 Crafting Bench - 8 Cob...

  • Minecraft My Review (feat. 2 server reviews)

    I have had Minecraft for nearly 4 years but only started playing a lot between 2015 to early 2017. I have given it up, for now, but occasionally come on to chat with some people from different servers that I have played on. This leads me to my first point. Many people on a selective range of Minecra...

  • Minecraft Tamable Mobs and how to Tame Them - Part I

    There are many different "mobs" (mobile units) in Minecraft. There are a few of these which can be tamed. This means the mob is originally wild but then becomes tamed and will follow the person who tamed them around. Its possible to gain benefits from the tamed mobs, like with dogs, but in the cases...

  • Minecraft Minecraft (All Windows Versions)

    Firstly Id like to say that the name of the new team developing Minecraft (Microsoft) should be called Mincrosoft instead. Just as a bit of fun and humor and I might just refer to the company as such :P. Joking aside, my review is mostly on the new direction the game has taken (mostly because of the...

  • Minecraft Minecraft Survival: Mastering the Game

    Minecraft is a fun-filled sandbox survival game. While at first, the game seems to be a little childish, once the user tries the game they will quickly learn that they were wrong. Despite Minecrafts strange and cartoonish looking graphic and world design, the game turns out to be quite challenging....


    Minecraft is a great game where players can use their creativity to create anything possible, but is it worth picking up in 2017? The answer is YES! Minecraft is filled with massive room for expansion with new servers, texture packs and even mods released everyday. Servers are a great way for player...

  • Minecraft Conquering Minecraft PvP 101

    In Minecraft, here on Bananatic, theres things you can do, from building, to farming, to fishing, to dying, but the most fun and challenging of them all, is pvping. First, make sure you are properly equipped with a weapon. This can range from axes, to swords, to bows, and very rarely, only lava itse...

  • Minecraft Minecraft Mods - Technic Launcher (Mods saved Minecraft for me, making the Minecraft variety more complex and more FUN)!

    I have been playing Minecraft for 4 to 5 years (closer to 4) and have been playing vanilla Minecraft for 3-4 years (closer to 3 and a half) and loved the game until I started to get bullied for playing, so I left Minecraft for just under a month. Anyway, after that, I got bored of playing vanilla Mi...

  • Minecraft Minecraft as a business

    Hello everybody, Im relampagorojo93 here at Bananatic Bananapedia and Im going to tell you how to use MineCraft as a business. There are two methods, from the legal form, and the illegal form. In the illegal form, obviously, you can scam. On the legal form, there are two methods, and these two metho...

  • Minecraft why minecraft is the best survival/building game

    Minecraft is a blocky graphic building/survival that is alright i personally dont like spending to much time on it because after you beat the game, which is by killing the ender dragon if you didnt know, it just gets boring. Dont get me wrong it is a pretty fun game you can role play with a couple o...

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