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Anno Online was an online game from Blue Byte Software and Ubisoft Entertainment. It was a browser-based title that was free to play, giving players the chance to create and grow their own cities. From 2013 to 2018, it was a hugely popular title.

Both Ubisoft and Blue Byte Software have a long history of city-building sims. This was an attempt to refine their expertise into a title that was competitive, persistent, and online only. The scope of the game was considerable, giving players, 120 types of buildings to choose from, and the opportunity to create cities with over 800 buildings.

There were many mechanics that made this title unique for the time, including the happiness levels of different areas. There were also various co-operative side quests that players could take part in to unlock the best buildings in the game.

Although the game has since been shut down, its legacy remains, and many games have taken inspiration from it. Here on the Anno Online forum, you can relive those glory days and share your experiences playing other similar titles.