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Welcome to the Shadowverse Forum...

In Shadowverse, players can create their own decks and take on others. The aim is to make your deck as strong as possible in order to gain victory. First-time players may feel somewhat overwhelmed by the many choices they are faced with. However, as time passed by and new skills are obtained, reaching the right decisions becomes more straightforward. Players must learn how valuable cards are and which kind of decks they need to build.

Shadowverse has seven classes, with each offering its unique style of play and characteristics. Once players find out more about how each class plays, they can gain a better understanding of how cards interact with classes. There are many guides online designed to help you get to grips with Shadowverse and achieve the required levels of success. Shadowverse has become one of Japan’s most renowned card collecting games and is from the same team that brought us Granblue Fantasy and Rage of Bahamut. It boasts exceptional game mechanics and artwork and has regularly been praised for its visuals as well as the tactical challenges it brings.

Players can pit their wits against card game fans from across the world or enjoy the fully-voiced story mode. There are more than 600 cards to be summoned, each of which features stunning fantasy art. The game is free-to-play and is developed and published by Cygames and has more than a million daily players.

Make use of the Shadowverse forum, a shadowy enclave itself in which to share tips, tricks and reviews and make suggestions for further developments.