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Star Stable - A strong dose of fun.
Allegedly one of the most beautiful views in the world is a horse in full gallop. Not everyone has the opportunity to afford to ride a steed. Fortunately, horse lovers can be close to their beloved pets in Star Stable!

The game gives you the chance to cross the beautiful, almost fairy island of Jorvik, on the back of a horse. But before you can become a winner of a prestigious race, you need to train your pet and take care of his appearance. You should also gain experience as a rider - once you have been trained in the art of riding, you will have access to special, thoroughly exceptional horse breeds. The land of Jorvik itself is full of secrets and challenges that are just waiting for you to face them! For a shared adventure you can also invite your friends to spend time in a cozy cafe. When you are ready for this, you will be able to set up your own riding club.

During the game, you should use the help and support of other players. In the Star Stable fan Forum you will find tips on how to train and care for your horse and how to prepare for the competition to win valuable prizes. Perhaps you will meet people who will want to create a club with you!

The world of Jorvik is undoubtedly beautiful. Admired from the horse's perspective, it becomes enchanting!