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Welcome to the My Little Farmies Forum

My little Farmies is a free-to-play browser game by that was introduced in 2013. Since then it has gained quite a large following due to its entertaining gameplay and charming comic-like style.

The game can be described as a management game, allowing you to build and oversee your very own virtual village from the ground up! Your task; improve your village’s land and make it as profitable as possible. Not only will you cultivate your land and practice animal husbandry but also refine the commodities you create on your farm. As you garner respect in your community you gain more responsibility and with it, an increasing amount of tasks. If everything goes right, you may eventually gain control over the economy.

As your enterprise grows ever larger you might run out of space. You can increase its size gradually and make more room for things like land, factories and landscaping features. You can visit the market to exchange goods and sell your products. My Little Farmies offers numerous customization options allowing the player to arrange various aspects of the game according to their wishes, including decorations for the village. The game even incorporates spells that can make your work even more bountiful.

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