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This is the Alto’s Odyssey forum, a place where you can learn more about this chill indie game, swap stores, and find other fans of the title. Take a look around to find out more.

Alto’s Odyssey is a mobile adventure game from developer and publisher Snowman. It’s the follow up title to the highly popular Alto’s Adventure. The game is free to play on Android, although it costs money on iOS. Since its release in 2018, it’s received a large amount of praise, including several award wins and nominations.

This side-scrolling adventure game sees players take control of Alto as they set off on an amazing journey. Starting with just a sandboard, Alto must surf their way across the richly detailed sand dunes, exploring temples, canyons and more as they go. Each zone features its own distinct look and obstacles to overcome, as well as dynamic weather and time.

Alto’s Odyssey can be either a relaxing way to unwind and explore, or a more challenging experience that sees players constantly trying to improve and beat targets. If you’re a fan of relaxing and unique indie games, this is one worth checking out.