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Released in February 2008, Ikariam is a browser based strategy MMORPG game, developed and published by GameForge AG. The game is available on its website to any modern device with an internet connection.

Set in classical Greece, Ikariam places players in the shoes of rulers of small towns which they must build and expand into civilisations. The objective of the game is to expand the tonne controlled by the player, manage the resources and conquer and best other players in the game. Gameplay can be done in short periods of time as the settings of the game are in real time. Therefore, players can leave the game while their research and buildings are being constructed and check up on the game in their free time.

The game begins with the player given control of a small town, set upon one of 16 different islands. The players have to build up resources, trading and to negotiate with other players to make up for those assets that are not available to them. With these resources, players can then construct buildings for the happiness of the residents. Players can earn money in the game by generating resources and levying tax from residents. Inhabitants of the towns can also get jobs, for which they are paid. The game is supervised by four advisors: military, research, diplomacy and towns, who give the player advice on how to improve their towns.

The game Forum allow the players the opportunity of finding other players in need of resources you have, or those with resources you need. Negotiations can be carried out, and players can interact with each other in real-world settings.