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Thanks for discovering the Slime CCG forum! Here you can find other fans of the game to discuss the intricacies and strategies of this popular CCG.

Slime CCG is a collective card game focused on arena battles and deck building. Developer Kody Stone released the game as a free to play title back in 2018. Although the main game is free, there is a paid DLC expansion pack.

The game is based on the Slimes of the title. These are powerful creatures that can help you as you battle your opponents. These Slimes will evolve and grow more powerful as you progress through the game and win battles. They’re also incredibly cute, with each having its own unique style. The Slimes respond to their environments, meaning that they change characteristics depending on where they’re placed. You’ll have to know how to get the best out of them if you’re to be victorious.

The game currently features 43 different cards to choose from. This gives you the flexibility to craft a deck that’s specific to the way you play. Being a CCG, this title is meant to be played with others. As such, there are multiple ways to play with your friends and connect to other players. If you want to practice, there are seven different AI settings that you can challenge.

Slime CCG has a range of different arenas, each with their own set of features and distinct style. You’ll encounter them all as you play the game, and hopefully, more will be added when the story mode arrives.

On the Slime CCG forum, you can chat about all topics related to the game. If you’re in need of a worthy opponent, this is a great place to find them.