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Wauies is a browser based online game that was developed by Upjers. After the closed beta phase in November 2014 the game was released to the public in October 2015. As the name suggests this free-to-play game concerns itself with everything pet related, from cats to dogs.

You are the proud new owner of a pet shop that you may mold to your liking. Responsible for a plethora of fluffy charges you see to their needs as best you can. The more contented your animals are, the more at home they will be, and the easier it will be for them to find new ones, when customers visit with keen interest in your award-winning pets. Juggling the constant stream of shoppers and the needs of your store’s pets is no easy task and therein lays the key to success.

The selection of animals ranges from hefty huskies to purrfect Persians. To ensure your pets remain happy while they wait for their new owners, you can fill their cages with toys and treats. There is a vast selection of scratching posts, tunnels, toys and bowls for cats and dogs.

Check by the Wauies forum right here at Bananatic whenever possible to get all the latest buzz on this fun browser game.